Another achievement with Coderoo – a web development agency in Sydney

In this monthly Coderoo update post, I would like to share a very exciting “developer’s milestone” that we recently reached. It is also a success story of a local web development agency in Sydney.

Around this time last year, me and my long-time friend Aydin decided to register Coderoo as a web development agency in Sydney. Prior to that, we have been doing projects together and making plans for bigger ones. Last February, we felt like we can commercialise our web development work and registered our web agency – Coderoo.

web development agency in sydney

Fast-forward another 12 months, and we are celebrating another milestone

Past 12 months have been totally “full-on”. We have delivered a number of successful projects. We had the honour of working with the most amazing people from very different walks of life. It is a very rewarding experience to build the digital representation of the businesses on the web, and see the excitement of the owners of those businesses, as they watch their businesses grow. The Sydney start-up community has been especially welcoming to us and we have met a lot of lovely people through Coderoo. And doing projects like from start to finish have taught us much more than we could have learned anywhere else.

So, we made the call. We have decided to dedicate 100% of our time to Coderoo. Coderoo does deserve our full attention and Sydney web development sphere deserves a Coderoo 🙂

We will continue our journey on this captivating path and get our name in there where top Sydney Web Developers reside.

Starting a start-up is not easy. I cannot recall the number of times when were on the brink of shutting down. But it is these challenges that make the start-up world so exciting. And we will never forget those people, who lent us a hand at the toughest times. Thus, we take pride in helping fellows in Sydney with websites and web apps. Or just with an advise on where to go and what to do next with their tech project.

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