Ranking higher: Creating an optimized landing page

Creating an optimized landing page

The landing page differs from all other pages of the site that it is optimized for the search engines. Competent optimization allows you to advance the page in search results to high positions.

In order to rank a specific page of the website in search engines, you must use high-quality content.  It is important to fill the landing page with unique and useful information. When visiting a page, the user should see the information that they searched for. The content of the text and the description of the images should be relevant to the targeted keyword.

Landing page optimization

Optimizing the page for a search engine includes optimizing the header and meta tags, as well as the entire text. It is necessary to “sharpen” the content for the main keyword, as well as its word forms. The search query, by which the page will be promoted, should correspond to the subject of the article. This is extremely important for successful promotion in the search engines.

In the title of the article, it is desirable to use the keyword in the direct form. Meta tags title and description should also contain a search query or its similar formation. The text of the meta tags should not only be unique, but also attractive, interesting.

There are many tools available to find keywords. Those tools will help you to come up with different ideas for your targeted keyword. The data might seem very complex at first but it can be simplified by downloading it and using Excel to analyse.

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