What is internal linking and why do it?

Internal Linking

Our followers would know that we always emphasize the importance of user experience. Internal linking or in-site linking is linking the pages, posts and the other parts of the site to each other. More often than not internal linking is done for the sake of SEO (it does help SEO) which creates lots of useless links in the eyes of the user. It should be remembered that internal linking is just like the content of your website, it should be made for humans first, not for search engines.

Is internal linking difficult?

It is not difficult at all – simple as creating a hyperlink. Once internal linking is done correctly, it would be really good for your website to create a sitemap file and submit it to search engines. This way, the next time a search engine crawls your website, it will be easier for it to get around.

You need to know the user behaviour for internal site linking. If the user has entered an article that attracts attention, the user will spend more time on your site if you put internal links in that article to different pages of your site.

This the logic of it. But as an advice, we do not recommend you to fill the pages and posts with internal links. 1-3 links per post would be sufficient, too many links will confuse the reader.

Do the linking naturally and always put yourself in the user’s place.

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